• Three Reasons Why Overnight Or Same-Day Business Deliveries Are Expensive

    Overnight delivery or same-day delivery options are ideal options when you forget to ship something or a customer wants their order yesterday. However, you will always pay a lot more for these options, causing you to lose money on sending them. As far as business deliveries go, these two options should be limited to a few per month, or request the shipping and handling costs in the final cost of the products shipped.
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  • Companies Switching To Intermodal Transport Must Clear Up These Questions

    If your company is switching from one form of shipping to intermodal trucking and shipping, such as through a place like First Star Logistics, you have to clear up some questions to ensure your goods don't encounter delays. As your goods travel from ship to rail to truck or to another form of transportation, having these questions settled will let you concentrate on other business issues and not whether your goods will arrive in good shape.
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