3 Jobs In The Maritime And Shipping Industry That Allows You To Travel

Posted on: 23 May 2016


Traveling allows you to gain new experiences and learn about other cultures. In 2014, around 42 percent of Americans did not take a single vacation. Fleet jobs allow you to advance in a career while traveling the world. Here are three jobs in the maritime and shipping industry that allows you to travel.

Become A Fleet Ship Manager

A fleet manager plays a key role within the shipping industry. He or she is responsible for the budget and all operational aspects of the company's vessels. This position requires you to have a degree and experience within the industry.

Being the manager over several fleets is a lot of responsibility. A person in this position is managing several vessels at one time. You have to be very organized and understand the shipping world to succeed. Duties include inspecting vessels, carrying out audits, preparing reports, training the staff and managing the crew.

Ship Technical Superintendent

A ship technical superintendent monitors the movements and performance from a technical and mechanical aspect on a daily basis. Duties include supervising operations, monitoring the condition of the vessels and making sure ship's staff is complying with management policies.

This position requires a degree and experience. Ideal candidates should have experience sailing at sea as a chief engineer. It also requires you to be a good communicator in written form and verbally. There are going to be stressful times when working on a ship. As a technical superintendent, you have to handle difficult situations and have the ability to negotiate.

Understanding basic accounting is a must and you must have basic computer skills. This position requires being familiar with Microsoft Windows and Office. These skills are necessary when managing and devising budgets.

Ship Vetting And Insurance Superintendent

A ship vetting and insurance superintendent conducts inspections to make sure the company's vessel is operating efficiently and effectively. Ideal candidates should have experience as a chief or master engineer.  He or she should also have extensive experience in ship management and operations.

This position is a good option for someone who is looking to advance in the maritime and shipping industry. There are many opportunities for advancing into other positions. You have a chance for a promotion after completing a number of years as a ship vetting and insurance superintendent.

The shipping industry is a very rewarding career path. In your off time, you can explore the different destinations that ship stop at. If you have an interest in this industry, then you can get paid while seeing the world.