Box Packaging Is Best

Posted on: 11 March 2019


If you sell things online, then you want to be sure you get your items to your buyers in perfect condition and in a timely manner. Also, you want to make sure they get their entire order at the same time. Even if you are sending several small items, you may find that box packaging will work out the best for your company and for your customers. Here are some of the different ways that box packaging can prove to work out better for everyone.

Everything is packaged together

When you have all of the items that your customer purchased packaged in the same box, then you know that they are going to get everything at the same time. When some customers get things coming in a little bit at a time, they will wish that they got everything on the same day. Getting everything to them in the same box also means that they will be able to do what they want with all of the products right away if some or even all of the items are meant to be used together. For example, if you send someone a gaming system in one shipment and the extra controller in another shipment, then they may have to wait until the extra controller shows up before they can enjoy the game with their friends, which may be the sole purpose for buying the game system.

All items will be protected

When you pack all of a customer's items in the same box together, then you can pack the box well with packing materials. Having all of the items in the one box surrounded with packing peanuts or something like Bubble Wrap will help to prevent the items from moving around during the shipping process, and this can help to decrease the chances of any of the items being damaged. The items can be put in one box that accommodates all of them, as well as the packing materials, so you only have to pay for insurance on that one box that is being sent as well.

The shipping cost will be less

When you are able to pack everything into a single box that gets sent to your customers, you will be paying less on your shipping costs. If you charge your customers the cost of shipping, then you may find they become return customers more than if you had higher shipping costs. If you cover the cost of shipping, then you won't have as big of positive cash flow as you would with less shipping costs.