Factors To Consider When Purchasing "Do Not Stack" Pallet Cones

Posted on: 9 December 2021


"Do not stack" pallet cones are most commonly used in warehouses where packages and freight are shipped from. Once an order has been packaged and shipped, a cone can be placed on top of the package to let people know not to stack anything on top of the package. This helps to protect fragile items or packages that may cave in if other items are placed on top. If you are looking to purchase pallet cones, here are three things to keep in mind before placing an order. 

The Material the Pallet Cones Are Made From

One of the first factors that you need to consider when you are looking to purchase pallet cones is what material the cones are made from. Most cones are made from either a cardboard material or plastic. Cardboard cones are typically cheaper, but they can be squished if they end up between boxes or get stepped on, and they are not ideal for every warehouse setting. If your warehouse is humid or there is a lot of moisture, the cardboard can get soggy and fall apart. Plastic cones last longer, but they cost more. 

The Color of the Pallet Cones

Another element that you need to consider when you are purchasing pallet cones is the color of the pallet cones you are considering purchasing. "Do not stack" pallet cones are typically white, yellow, or cardboard brown. The color may not seem that important, but if the cone matches the color of the packaging you use, it can be easy for someone to miss it. Consider how easy the cone will be to see compared to your freight or shipping materials. 

The Number of Pallet Cones You Need

The final factor you want to consider when you are purchasing pallet cones is the number of pallet cones that you will need. Discounts are typically offered and the cones tend to get cheaper the more cones you buy. As such, consider how many cones you need and place a large order upfront, rather than ordering a few and then placing an order a few weeks later for more. 

Paying attention to what material a pallet cone is made from, the color of the cones, and the number of cones you need can help to ensure that you purchase the pallet cones that are ideal for your warehouse setting and ensure that you have enough on hand for all of your needs. There are many different colors, materials, and styles for "do not stack" pallet cones, so take your time to shop around to ensure you find the ones that work best in your warehouse. 

For more information, contact a local company, like Constructive Designs.