How Using High-Quality Boxes Can Make Your Move Easier

Posted on: 30 November 2022


Buying a new home or moving into your first apartment can be exciting but also a lot of work. Making the move as easy as possible is essential, and sometimes things that don't seem important can have a big impact on your move.  

New Moving Boxes

Boxes are a great way to pack and move household items from your old place to the new one. However, the condition of the boxes is vital if they will hold your valuables safely. New moving boxes are not overly expensive and are designed to support the weight you need. 

The moving boxes may also have a spot on them to note what is in them or where in the house it is going. Sometimes using old boxes that you have collected from stores and other places will already have a lot of writing on the outside, and they may not be in the best condition. Putting a lot of tape on them and using stick-on labels can help, but the cost of new moving boxes is often under a few dollars and they are easier to work with. 

Specialty Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are available in many different sizes, and there are some specialty boxes designed to ensure the items in them stay safe. For the kitchen, you can purchase moving boxes with plate dividers, grids for holding glasses and cups, and some that make organizing cookware, utensils, and other items simpler.

Specialty boxes are also available for hanging clothing or boxes for books that have extra support at the bottom. The list of special moving boxes goes on, and in most cases, these boxes can reduce the packing materials necessary to protect what you are packing.

If you are unsure if there is a specialty box for your needs, check with the local moving and storage company. Many of these companies sell moving boxes and may have a catalog of options for you to consider when you need something special.

Buying Boxes

When you are ready to pick up moving boxes for your move, estimating the number you need is challenging. Many suppliers will recommend a specific amount and box style for your house size, but that may not always be accurate. Buying your boxes locally allows you to get what you think you need, then buy more if you need to, or return the unused ones to the store. 

Once you use the boxes, you can not return them, but many moving companies will take the unused boxes back and refund you for them. When unpacking your boxes, use a knife to cut the tape and break them down carefully. If you have some in good shape, you may be able to sell them to someone in the area that is moving or give them away to get rid of them.

Contact a local moving boxes service to learn more.