Preparing A Fragile Gift For Shipment

Posted on: 18 May 2016


If you are planning on sending a fragile present to a friend or family member, you will want to take the appropriate steps in having it packaged so it does not arrive in pieces. Preparing a delicate item for shipment can be done with the proper tools. Here are some steps to take before sending your package via delivery service so it makes its destination without falling apart in transit.

Select The Right Enclosure To Hold The Gift

It is important to house a glass, porcelain, or similar material inside a box that is not weakened in any way. Avoid using a cardboard box that had been used previously as there is a good chance the corrugation is not as sturdy as it would be if you used a new box. If you are shipping a package via a courier, they may have strong boxes available for purchase. Another idea is to ship the gift inside two boxes. This will give the present extra protection to help keep it from becoming shattered if someone happens to drop it or place it in a truck where other packages shift into it.

Wrap Breakables With Protective Layers

Before you place your gift inside the box you had selected, wrap it with any decorative wrapping paper you wish so the recipient has the element of surprise for a bit longer after they open the package. Afterwards, wrap the wrapped present inside a layer of bubble wrap so it will be cushioned from impact. Wrap the bubble wrap with another paper or another layer of bubble wrap for even more security. Place a layer of packaging peanuts in the bottom of the box before setting your gift inside. Cover the gift with more peanuts before closing it up.

Add Finishing Touches To Reduce Risk Of Damage

Use a strong packaging tape to keep the box from opening. Place this along each seam on the box so there is no risk of moisture getting inside the enclosure. It will also keep the box from falling apart. Print a decorative label or use your best penmanship to add the word "Fragile" to the exterior of the box so the delivery service is aware they should be extra careful with the package when handling it. This will also alert the recipient that it isn't a good idea to shake the box upon arrival.

Protect Your Investment Before Sending The Gift

It is wise to purchase insurance when sending a fragile item. Some courier services will cover some of the cost as a part of the shipping price. If the item is more expensive than this amount, purchase some extra insurance in case the recipient opens their package to find something broken inside. Save the receipt for the gift for when this happens so you can prove to the courier how much the item had originally cost. Take a photo of the item before packaging it as additional proof so you can be reimbursed if necessary. Contact a business, such as the Kidd Curry Express, for more information.