Helpful Tips For Shipping Pharmaceuticals By Sea

Posted on: 25 January 2018


Pharmaceuticals must be distributed nationally in order for their healing benefits to affect the lives of patients. Creating a profitable pharmaceutical company requires you to generate a viable shipping plan for the drugs you produce; this way you can be known as a reliable company for medical delivery. While many medications are shipping via air, making the choice to send your drugs overseas could be cost-effective.

Proper planning and preparation is essential when shipping pharmaceuticals by sea to ensure your company's medications remain viable and active throughout the shipping process.

Make sure you have the right reefer.

Shipping containers are primarily used to house products being sent over sea. These containers are easy to load and unload, and they can be stacked on a barge to maximize the efficiency of each sea voyage.

Partnering with a shipping company that has the right reefer containers available will be critical when it comes to the success of your pharmaceuticals. Be sure that you identify the temperature control needs of the individual drugs you are shipping, then make these parameters known to your shipping company.

This pre-planning step will help you access the right refrigerated shipping container for your pharmaceutical transportation needs.

Plan for routine power outages.

Understanding the logistics involved with oversea shipping will help you better prepare a shipping plan that will preserve the integrity of your pharmaceuticals. One variable that you must plan for prior to shipping is power outages.

Your refrigerated shipping container will be plugged into the ship's generators while in transit, but these generators are often powered down during loading or unloading for convenience. Be sure that you have insulated blankets or a backup generator available to keep the temperatures within your reefer containers regulated during these power outages.

Pack your refrigerated shipping containers properly.

In addition to having a refrigerated shipping container that is capable of maintaining cool temperatures, you will need to pack the container properly to ensure the viability of your pharmaceuticals upon arrival.

Use shipping containers that can be outfitted with specialized shelving that will allow air to flow freely around each pharmaceutical package. This airflow is essential when it comes to preserving the performance of active ingredients in medications. You also need to secure your shipment inside the reefer to prevent shifting or settling during transit.

Your pharmaceutical company can increase its distribution reach without significantly increasing operational costs by opting to ship packaged medications using refrigerated shipping containers loaded onto large commercial barges.